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Born from Nicolas Winding Refn's passion for the rare, the forgotten and unknown, byNWR breathes new life into the culturally intriguing, influential and extreme.

Quarterly volumes of content divide into three monthly chapters, each featuring a fully-restored film. These cinematic revivals inspire a wealth of original content, drawn together by our special Guest Editors. As we evolve and expand, we will encourage exploration of a wide range of avenues by curators, writers and the engaged public, building a community of those who like to create, to watch, to read, look or listen. In a world of the instant, byNWR takes its time on a tangential line towards the undiscovered...where we share, enjoy, and look to the future--with hope, prosperity, and the idea that culture is for everyone.


BUREAU (London)

Editorial Director

Jimmy McDonough

Associate Editor

Bob Mehr

Finance & Legals

Lene Borglum

Restoration, Video, Sound

Peter Conheim
Brian Rosenquist

Streaming Partner


Partner in France

Manuel Chiche, La Rabbia

Special thanks to: Efe Cakarel and all at MUBI, Thierry Frémaux, JC Chamboredon and Milan Records, Marc Wongsam and Stuart Boyd at Subism, Keeley Naylor, Haden Guest and the Harvard Film Archive.

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byNWR Global Partners


BUREAU is a London-based creative business, connecting people, brands and culture through the processes of curation and creative.


The Harvard Film Archive is a film archive and cinema located in the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


MUBI is a subscription video on demand service that took film curation to the next level by offering just 30 hand-picked gems online. Every day one is added to the list, and one drops off the bottom. The quality of the choices means its members can watch a masterpiece or take a chance on a film they may not have heard of. MUBI is centred around a philosophy of curated quality, rather than excessive choice. It believes everyone should be watching great cinema and not just be searching for it. MUBI is a global service, streaming everyday cult, classic and award winning films to members in over 200 territories.