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Terms for the use of byNWR.com

1 - About ByNWR.com 

1.1 - ByNWR is a service provided to you by the Danish Company, ByNWR ApS, Company Number 38170058, ByNWR ApS, Gyngemose Parkvej 50, 2860 Søborg, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø.  

1.2 - NWR is short for Nicolas Winding Refn and byNWR is a Nicolas Winding Refn project.  

1.3 - ByNWR.com is presented in English for an international audience. It will also be presented in other languages in the future. 

1.4 - The aim of byNWR is for NWR to share his passion for particular films, to inspire and to promote the art of making films and their universe.  

1.5 - byNWR is currently free to visit but in the future some or all of the content may only be accessible to fee-paying subscribers.  

1.6 - This site is not suitable for anyone under the age of 16.  

2 - The content and intellectual property rights  

2.1 - The content on this website may be perceived as unfit for children, as adult content or as offending against particular beliefs or convictions.  

2.1.1 - Please accept that we rely on the official Danish or English rating of the films we show.  

2.1.2 - Please also accept that we do not intend to offend anyone and that all our films and other content are purely selected based on their cinematic and artistic qualities as we may define them from time to time.  

2.1.3 - If you feel offended by the content on this website, please accept our apology but please also stop watching and leave the website, as the services we provide then clearly are not aimed at you.  

2.2 - The content on this website is as reasonable as possible cleared for streaming and viewing worldwide, but we may use geo blocking or other means of restricting access or use if so requested by a particular rights holder.  

2.3 - We have used every reasonable effort to clear all rights vested in the content we show on byNWR.  

2.4 - Please accept that no intentional infringement of anybody’s intellectual property rights is intended and that we have taken every reasonable measure to obtain all needed permission from all the rights holders we are able to identify and contact.  

2.4.1 - If we are so unfortunate to fail in obtaining all the permissions we need to use some particular content posted by us or one of our editors, please contact us at [email protected] if you are/or represent the rights holder so that we may obtain your permission to use the content in question so that we may be able to credit you or please give us a fair take down notice if you do not agree with our fair use of your content.  

2.5 - The content on this service is provided for you as is. We do not warrant any particular quality or accessibility but we will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with a good user experience.  

2.6 - You, as a user/visitor may stream all the content as many times as you like but you are not, unless expressly permitted by us, allowed to download or otherwise copy any content.  

2.7 - You are free to link to our website and to share our newsletters.  

2.8 - We may freely use any content or information submitted to us by means displayed on this website. 

3 - Personal Information  

3.1 - If you sign up for our newsletter we only collect the personal information you submit to us and only with the purpose of e-mailing you newsletters about the activities on the website and other byNWR-related news. 

3.2 - You can at any time unsubscribe to our e-mail service.  

4 - Disclaimer of Warranties  

4.1 - ByNWR ApS makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied with respect to any films or other content made available on this website.  

4.2 - ByNWR ApS disclaims any responsibility for any use of this website, including but not limited to any alleged harm from watching the films or any other content that we display. 

4.3 - We make no representations or warranties whether express or implied, including without limitation any warranties of quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or merchantability. We cannot guarantee and do not promise any specific result from the use of our services.  

4.4 - We do not represent or warrant that our service is accurate, complete, reliable, or error-free or that any content that may be downloaded are free of viruses or other harmful components. 

4.5 - We use cookies to make your browsing experience better, and for marketing and analysis. By using our services you agree to our use of cookies. 

4.6 - You should therefore exercise caution when visiting the website and using the displayed content, and you should use industry recognized software to adequately protect your device.  

5 - Limitations of Liability 

5.1 - Except in jurisdictions where such provisions are restricted, in no event will ByNWR ApS or its directors, employees or contributors including editors be liable to you or any third person for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including any lost profits, revenue, data or any other indirect harm arising from your use of our service on this website, even if ByNWR ApS is aware or has been advised of the possibility of such damages.  

5.2 - If permitted by applicable local law, the only remedy you shall have, as you have not paid any money to us for using our services is injunctive relief and you shall therefor not be entitled to any damages at all.  

5.2.1 - If the previous regulation is not permitted by applicable local law byNWR ApS’ liability to you for any cause whatsoever, and regardless of the form of the action, shall at all time be limited to USD 1,000 or the lowest possible amount under your  local law whichever is the lowest amount.   

byNWR Privacy Policy

June 2018

Your personal data helps us to deliver exceptional content by allowing us to understand how you interact with and enjoy what we offer. By sharing your data with us, we can also provide you with more tailored and relevant information to help you get the most from byNWR.

What this policy covers

byNWR is committed to protecting your personal information. It is our aim to put our users and the safeguarding of their personal data at the centre of everything we do and manage your personal data respectfully and responsibly.

This Privacy Policy explains how byNWr collects, manages and uses the personal information you provide to us. We ensure that we use your personal data in accordance with all applicable laws concerning data protection and personal information.

The Policy explains: Who we are, what personal data we collect, how we may use your data, how we may contact you, how we will store and protect your data, the circumstances in which we share your data with third parties, what you should do if you would like us to change or delete the data we hold for you or stop contacting you, how to make a complaint, changes to this Privacy Policy

Who we are

byNWR is a cultural expressway where NWR and associates present carefully curated films, music, artwork, performance, editorial, and photography in a central hub. byNWR is a service provided to you by the Danish company ByNWR ApS, Gyngemose Parkvej 50, 2860 Søborg, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø. NWR is short for Nicolas Winding Refn and byNWR is a Nicolas Winding Refn project.

What personal data we collect

We may collect personal information about you when you engage with us for a number of reasons including when you sign up to receive emails, create an online account, purchase something from us, register for an event or otherwise provide us with personal information that may be used by byNWR to deliver its services, enable us to provide a service to you or to enhance your experience with us. This can include information such as your name, email address or phone number.

We may also gather information about you from your use of our website, such as which pages are most visited and which events or facilities are of most interest. We will use this information to improve our website and to ensure we provide the best services for our users. Wherever possible we use aggregated or anonymous information which does not identify individual visitors to our website. By submitting your details, you enable us (and where applicable any suppliers we use) to provide you with the goods, services, information, activities or online content you select and any other related services byNWR may provide. The byNWR website uses cookies to help our website work well and to track information about how people are using it. 

If you register on our website then the following will also apply:

- The website will collect personal information when you register with us: your name and email address, or phone number if you register using a number instead of an email address. Once you register with the website you will not be anonymous to us when you subsequently sign in.

- You endeavor to ensure that any registration information you give to byNWR will always be accurate, correct and up to date.

- We collect and retain information about your transactions with us so that we can process your transactions and deal with future queries.

- Through the use of cookies, we will receive information from your computer such as your IP address (the unique number that identifies your computer when you use the internet) and we may record this information to provide you with a good experience when browsing our website or to improve the functionality of our site.

How we may use your data

We may use your personal data for a number of purposes, including:

- To provide you with the services, products or information you have requested from us. This could include servicing your membership with us.

- To provide you with information by email which we feel may interest you and where you have given your consent to be contacted by email.

- To create an account for you if you register with us.

- For customer service or administrative purposes (for example we may contact you regarding an event you have registered or booked a ticket for).

- For internal record keeping, including the management of any feedback or complaints.

- To target communications and messages to you and to identify similar groups of prospective customers.

- To assess our customer base, including how they interact with byNWR and what parts of byNWR they are interested in.

- To track user visits to our website and record navigation across our website and in addition to track whether our emails are opened and read.

- To invite you to participate in surveys or research.

- To use IP addresses to identify your approximate location, to block disruptive use, to record website traffic or to personalise the way our information is presented to you.

- To analyse and improve the services we offer.

Inappropriate website content

If you send any content that we believe to be inappropriate, offensive or in breach of any laws, such as defamatory content, we may use your personal information to inform relevant third parties such as your internet provider or law enforcement agencies.

How we may contact you

If possible, we would like to be able to contact you by email because we feel it is the most efficient and productive way to communicate with you about new content on byNWR, or forthcoming events we may be organizing.

We will contact you by email if you have given us your email address and we are emailing you to provide the services you have requested.

By text

We may send you service communications via text where you have signed up to byNWR using a phone number instead of an email address, and where you have given your consent for us to do so.

Business to business communications

If we are communicating to you on a ‘business to business’ basis we will contact you by post or email, unless you have let us know that you would prefer us not to do so.


How we will store and protect your data

We will either store your data on our own servers or in the Cloud. Accordingly, we may on occasion need to use the services of a supplier outside the European Economic Area (EEA) for this purpose, however we will ensure that your information is held in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is kept secure, including encryption, network level protection, strong password policies and dual authentication.

Keeping your personal data

We keep your personal data for as long as required to operate the service we are providing to you or for archival purposes and in accordance with legal requirements and tax and accounting rules.

If you have told us that you do not want to hear from us at all or by a particular channel, we will hold the minimum amount of your personal data on a suppression list to ensure we comply with your request.

Sharing your data with third parties

byNWR may share your data with service providers to provide the products or services you’ve requested from us, for example, we may share your data would be for mailing houses, database services or website hosting.

If you have chosen to take part in a competition or an activity byNWR is running jointly with a third-party organisation, you will be asked if your data can be shared with these third parties.

We may also share data with such online engines as Google and Facebook to help us to identify customers who are similar to our audience and serve up adverts to them. However, we will only do so if we are satisfied that your personal data is secure and will not be used for any other purpose. The personal data shared for these purposes is pseudonymised to protect it.

We may disclose your personal information to a third party if we are under a duty to disclose your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies), or in order to enforce or apply our rights (including in relation to our website or other applicable terms and conditions) or to protect byNWR, for example in cases of suspected fraud or defamation.



This Policy applies to all data we collect from across byNWR. If a link on this website takes to you to the website of a third party you should refer to the privacy policy relating to that website to understand how your personal information is managed by that third party or how they use cookies. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third-party websites and your use of such websites is at your own risk.


What should you do if you would like us to change or delete the data we hold for you, or stop contacting you?

Do you want us to stop contacting you?

It is your choice as to whether and how you want to receive information about us and our work, and the ways you can get involved. You have the right at any time to ask us to amend or stop using your personal information, including for marketing purposes.

You may opt out of marketing emails at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in our emails. We will not use your information for marketing purposes if you have indicated that you do not wish to be contacted for such purposes. However, we will retain your details on a suppression list to help to ensure that we do not continue to contact you.

Do you want to request a copy of the information we hold for you?

You have a right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected or your data erased. You also have a right to data portability. If you would like to make a request for this data (a Subject Access Request) we require you to prove your identity with two pieces of approved identification for these purposes. Please address requests to us by post and we will respond to you within 30 days. Please provide as much information as possible about the nature of your contact with us to help us locate your records.

How to make a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint about any aspect of this Policy, please contact [email protected]

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update the terms of this Policy at any time, so please do check it from time to time. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the primary email address you have provided to us or by placing a prominent notice on our website. By continuing to engage with us through our services and our website you will be deemed to have accepted such changes.