I can tell you from personal experience, that when someone calls you up and says “We need 3 hours of reading music”, your brain does a double take and ponders existence for a moment. Then, if you’re like me, you run down to the local kiosk, buy cigarettes and wine, run back to your home and then get to it, because damn, those calls don’t come in very often.

I’m one of those people who immensely enjoyed artists like Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and soundtracks like the semi-released Blade Runner soundtrack way before the hipsters showed up, then current amazing artists like Johann Johannsson and very soon into the writing process, I knew I would have to ‘re’-listen to these guys to gather the sound that I felt was necessary.

It’s a bit of a paradox really, writing music that essentially should be a background thing, no hooks, no beats, just a ‘thing’, so that the listener can enjoy whatever else they’re doing without tapping their feet or breaking into full blown singing harmonies, because that’s totally what people do when they listen to my massive club bangers.

That being said, I think that anyone who works in creative circles and industries would agree that a challenge is not only a welcome asset, but a necessary element to keep oneself on his/her toes and it’s been an absolute delight making this music. Like the length of the pieces themselves, I spent immense amounts of time just trying, playing with, and sailing on lots of different sounds and pads until I felt like I wasn’t really playing anymore, just ‘being’. Luckily, my woman didn’t leave me during this process which is a massive bonus. Then throwing it all together in an admittedly deliberate, random process just made it rather weird an yet, I feel like it comes together nicely.

I don’t think I could ever completely forego the urge to want to delight the listener with some good music, but hopefully I’ve hit a sweet spot here wherein you can enjoy the music without losing concentration on the material in front of you. Happy listening!

Zona, Volume 1
Zona Volume 1
Zona Volume 1