The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds: Original Soundtrack Mini EP

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Track 1: Main Title

The theme song for THE NEST OF THE CUCKOO BIRDS, like the end title theme, was composed and sung by Peggy Williams, wife of director and star Bert Williams, whose ethereal voice might have landed her a lucrative singing career had she not chosen instead to raise a family. Indeed, she had been a professional singer prior to the creation of the film, and even in her later years, suffering from dementia, would come alive at the piano and perform music from the film for the family. While documentation of this has been difficult to track down, there may have been further assistance on the track from local Florida lounge act, The Four Bits.

Track 2: Instrumental Collage

A selection of music cues from throughout the film, edited from multiple sequences. Because all master tape materials for the soundtrack are lost, the edit is derived from the 35mm source, so occasional sound effects and dialogue are present.

Track 3: End Title - “Lisa”

Composed and sung by Peggy Williams, as was the opening theme, this relatively short rendition is all that exists of the full band arrangement of the tune, as all tapes are now lost.

Track 4: “Lisa” (bonus solo version)

Discovered in the Bert Williams estate’s storage facility during research of the film’s restoration, this precious recording of Peggy Williams accompanying herself on piano and singing the closing theme of THE NEST OF THE CUCKOO BIRDS dates from Christmastime, 1964 or 1965. Little is known about the provenance of this tape, as no other voices can be heard on the recording, and Peggy is no longer with us to explain.