Birthed in the middle of a Rock ‘n’ Roll vs. Country and Western party in an industrial section of West Oakland, California in 1976, The Mutants would be one of the earliest bands to form in the initial punk explosion in the San Francisco Bay Area, and be voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by their local fans on the regular, but always teetered on the edge of self-immolation during their intense initial 8-year run. More than four decades later, they have found the “New Dark Ages” they originally sang sarcastically about to be so entrenched that they can’t help but keep performing.

Peter Conheim, once just a fan, and now a fan inside the band, takes you on a personal audio tour, featuring all-unreleased versions of various Mutants tunes, as well as a conversation between Peter, band co-founder John Gullak, and painter Gina Borg.

Click here to watch the restored Emerald Cities, featuring performances by The Mutants.

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