Greetings, Seekers!

Greetings, Seekers! Welcome to my first podcast, PLATTERS OV DARKNESS!

It's a not-quite-random sampling ov thee "Occult" and "Cult" sections of my admittedly abnormal record collection, and although it was originally supposed to be one or maybe two hours, I ended up having so many applicable lps that it became a 5 1/2 hour behemoth, and is now cut into 3 handy parts, for your convenience and protection.

PART 1: Starting with Arthur Brown's "Fanfare / Fire Poem," Part 1 features some Satanic-flavored Rock; a few of the earliest "occult" recordings; excerpts from 3 different takes on the Satanic Mass; some Astrology-related lps (including the first recording of a Moog synthesizer done on the West Coast); a spell to accrue "demon energy" from the Louise Huebner album, "Seduction Through Witchcraft;" plus some "cult celebrities" from the 60s / 70s, like Uri Geller (the CIA-studied psychic spoonbender), and Criswell (whose Oscar-worthy performance in Ed Wood Jr's "Orgy of the Dead" is the inspiration for this podcast being made in the first place!), excerpted from his fabulous late 60s lp, "Criswell Predicts Your Incredible Future."

PART 2: In this section, we present excerpts from some albums about various and sundry exotic and / or out-of-the-way religions / cults (starting with a couple that were produced by members of the biggest rock bands of their day, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones); a few examples of 80s "Industrial" and "Neo-folk," mostly Psychic TV (who actually had their own cult with members all over the world!) and the gleefully heretical Current 93; a set of "Satanic Glam" (and some Witchy Bubblegum), including a song used as the soundtrack to the Kenneth Anger film, "Rabbit's Moon;" a song about Jack Parsons; some songs from L. Ron Hubbard's "Battlefield Earth" lp; some Charles Manson tunes, as performed by Charles Himself, the Beach Boys, and the haunting "Family Jams" (what the members of the Manson Family called their musical endeavor); and a cryptic song by Palmer Rocky, who was dubbed "The Disco Lounge-Lizard From Hell" by fellow weirdo record hoarder Jello Biafra.

PART 3: Part 3 features a reading from the infamous 15th-17th centuries anti-witch best seller, "Malleus Maleficarum;" a Catholic child channeling the dying heart of Jesus; an entire side of late 50s / early 60s evangelical exorcist AA Allen's amazing "Crying Demons" lp, chock full of live demon exorcisms; a couple of tracks from The People's Temple Choir lp; and an excerpt from the Vagina Dentata Organ "Last Supper" picture disc of tapes of the final 45 minutes of Jonestown; a strangely hypnotic sermon by Earlene Cheney of the ASTARA cult; some improbable recordings of Elizabeth Claire Prophet's "Church Universal and Triumphant," chanting and praying for the destruction of rock music (from a mysterious lp called "Sounds of the American Doomsday Cults); an extended excerpt from the absolute ULTIMATE cult lp (Xxenogenesis #1); and then it all ends (whew!) with "Come to the ABBAth," a cute little ditty I made from a Black Widow song we heard in Part 1 and an ABBA song you might recognize.

So it is written - So mote it be!

Don Bolles, 2019 AD

Don Bolles Platters ov Darkness Podcast Part 1

Arthur Brown – Fire Poem (excerpt)

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (excerpt)

Black Widow – Come to the Sabbat

Louise Heubner – Demon Spell for Energy

Maya Deren - Divine Horsemen: Voodoo Gods of Haiti (excerpt)

James Last – Voodoo Lady’s Love

Aleister Crowley – Enochian Calls recitation

Anton Szandor LaVey – Satanic Mass

Jamra – Armageddon: Welcome to Satan’s Lair

Coven - Satanic Mass

The Gun – Race with the Devil

Anton Sandor LaVey – Temptation

Duane Edwards Spencer – The Gospel in the Stars (excerpt)

The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds - Aries

Frederick Davies – Follow the Sign (of the Zodiac)

Uri Geller – Come on and Love

Criswell – Criswell Predicts Your Incredible Future (excerpt)

Brian Jones presents The Master Musicians of Jajouka (excerpt)

Radha Krsna Temple – Govinda

Dr. H Spencer Lewis – Sanctum Invocations and Vowel intonations (excerpt)

Platters ov Darkness Podcast Part 2

William Sears – The Hand of the Cause of God

Sri Darwin Gross – It Just Is (excerpt)

The Eternal Flame Foundation – Flesh (excerpt)

Current 93 - Happy Birthday

Psychic TV – Message from the Temple / Unclean

Barry Ryan – Magical Spiel

The Walkers – Fire

Method – Run Run Run

Lemming – Lucifera

The Casuals – The Witch

Mike Starrs – Witches Brew

The Cattanooga Cats – My Girlfriend is a Witch

The Rattles – The Witch

A Raincoat – It Came in the Night

Palmer Rockey – Scarlet Warning

Charles Manson – Mechanical Man / Cease to Exist

The Beach Boys – Never Learn Not to Love

Manson Family Jams – Get on Home / Never Say

Never to Always

L. Ron Hubbard- Battlefield Earth (excerpt)

Fancy Space People – Candy

Platters ov Darkness Podcast Part 3

St. Joseph’s Hill of Hope - Stories From Heaven

Ian Richardson reads the Malleus Maleficarum (excerpt)

Reverend AA Allen – Crying Demons

The People’s Temple Choir- Something Got a Hold of Me / Black Baby

Vagina Dentata Organ – The Last Supper (Jonestown suicide recording- excerpt)

Earlyne Chaney – Faith is Faith is not Enough

The Church Universal and Triumphant featuring Elizabeth Claire Prophet – Invocation for Judgement Against and Destruction of Rock Music

XXenogenesis – Sexxogenesis # 1: I Am What I Am (excerpt)

Don Bolles - Black Abbath

Platters ov Darkness Vinyl Covers

Don Bolles has been serving the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1978, when he moved there from Phoenix, AZ to join seminal LA punk combo The Germs. Besides playing with about a million bands (45 Grave, Nervous Gender, Vox Pop, Celebrity Skin, Ariel Pink, Fancy Space People, to name a few), Don has been a staple of LA media for many years. He’s worked as a freelance writer (LA Weekly, Ben Is Dead zine, National Law Journal), a radio DJ (KPFK, MARS-FM, KBLT, KXLU), and as co-producer of an anarchic public access television show (The 3 Geniuses). Somehow, he has managed to build a voluminous collection of strange and unusual records along the way, starting in the mid 70s. A new show on the WFMU “Sheena’s Jungle Room” channel called “Don Bolles’ Family Home Evening” will feature a lot of that sort of foolishness. Meanwhile, you can catch Don at one of his club nights - Velvet Tinmine (2nd Fridays at the Monty Bar, downtown Los Angeles) and Clubbe Ding-a-Ling (Wednesdays at the Hyperion Tavern), on the radio (Glossolalia 6-8PM on KXLU, 88.9FM Los Angeles, Kitten Sparkles’ Glitterbox, 6-8PM 3rd Saturdays on, or right here, on his first ever Podcast, “Platters Ov Darkness,” a 3-part journey thru the occult / cult sections of his infamously abnormal record collection.