Let’s face it; collectors love looking at the collections of other collectors. In this 30-minute show-and-tell, musician, DJ, monster kid and obsessive collector Howie Pyro takes us through his amassment of sexploitation pulp paperbacks, made in some cases as illustration-heavy ‘novelizations’ of films, other times as pseudo-clinical analyses of the far-out happenings of the sexual revolution (Wife swapping! Bondage! Org(i-e-s)!), and occasionally as clever tie-ins to films that never existed in the first place! He’ll talk about Olympic Foto-Readers, Novel Books, Merit Books, and such exploitation staples as Ed Wood, Titus Moede and William Rotsler, all of who played a part in the sexploitation publishing world. And along the way you’ll get a veritable shopping list of sleazy vintage paperbacks (and films!) to hunt for.

Howie Pyro has been collecting records since his parents started taking him to garage sales as a kid. His love of monsters and weirdness drew him to buy records that are just being discovered today as obscure gems. Pyro spins primitive 50's and 60's rhythms found on 45s from the deep underbelly of the original rock n’ roll era. Pyro has traveled the world as a musician – he has played, recorded and written with such diverse artists as Johnny Thunders, Ronnie Spector, Joey Ramone, Rancid, Genesis P-Orridge, Danzig, D Generation, Debbie Harry, Jayne County, Alan Vega, Kid Congo Powers (Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and others. Howie has also done a lot of music supervision work for films and TV and is a well-known disc jockey - he’s deejayed for everyone from the Cramps to Christina Aguilera, and did the Hollywood premiere party for the TV series Mad Men, and does the annual Johnny Ramone/Ramones event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. He also co-wrote Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s autobiography, Confessions of a Rat Fink. Howie’s celebrated radio show Intoxica in now in its thirteenth year and can be found at www.luxuriamusic.com