As has now completed showing the trilogy of Ormond/Pirkle Christian pictures with Believer’s Heaven, we present the Radio NWR podcast Estus Pirkle: A Celebration. Recorded in Estus’s old office in New Albany, Mississippi, it features Pirkle’s wife Ann and son Greg, Pirkle/Ormond expert and documentarian Brian Rosenquist – and myself, as I have been working for decades on the definitive book on the Ormonds, The Exotic Ones: Heaven, Hell and the Ormonds. Interspersed throughout the podcast are excerpts of Estus Pirkle's sermons, as well as one from his mentor, Percy Ray.

–Jimmy McDonough


Photo: Ann and Greg Pirkle outside of Locust Grove Baptist Church, New Albany, Mississippi, where Estus Pirkle preached for many years and which is featured in his films. Photo by Brian Rosenquist.