Written and Read by Theresa Starkey

Theresa Starkey reads “The Devil Thumbs a Ride”; the 1970s was “a golden age of the American horror film”, but why limit its scope to just cinema? After all, what is horror, but the feeling of shock, disbelief, anxiety, dread, and sensations of the abject? As a kid, Theresa Starkey was terrified of the devil, and church and popular culture both reinforced the same sense of dread; turning on the TV or radio only reinforced her anxiety that permutations of Satan could be found in the night sky, the woods, and in mundane places like a Greyhound bus station, the backyard or local highway. Even in One Shocking Moment.

Theresa Starkey is the associate director for the Sarah Isom Center for Women and

Gender Studies at the University of Mississippi where she also teaches. Her writing has appeared in The Oxford American, storySouth, Mississippi Review and elsewhere. She is the coeditor of Detecting the South in Fiction, Film, and Television from LSU Press.