No-budget auteur Ted V. Mikels (The Astro-Zombies, Blood Orgy of the She-Devils) ventures into lurid melodrama with the story of an executive and his nubile wife arriving in a new town and tangling with the S&M-tinged gang from the local exotic nightclub, leading to all manner of duos and triads.

byNWR acknowledges and thanks Something Weird Video, Lisa Petrucci, and the late Mike Vraney for the print of One Shocking Moment, which now resides in the byNWR Archive.

In this volume, we're interested not only in the stories behind the films but in the ways that art feeds art. While there are still essays about the films and how they got made and who made them, we're also--for the first time--featuring fiction inspired by the films, by their tone and atmosphere, by the actors, by the characters they play, by locations, by anything that sparked our imaginations. And in several of the pieces, the line between fiction and nonfiction gets blurry. Where do the lives of the characters end and the lives of the writers begin? Some of us are still trapped in the motels and soft story buildings and dive joints portrayed in these films, lost among ghosts.