July 1st, 2018. During a sweltering Paris Fashion Week, roving writer, editor and all-round cultural oracle Tiffany Godoy launched @the_rlty_shw on Instagram. Not just a digital companion to her bi-annual magazine The Reality Show, this new platform was replacing the print publication entirely. Vogue immediately hailed it as “the Instagramazine you should start following now.” And Tiffany, when I bumped into her the following day, described it as “MTV meets Oprah meets your favourite influencer.”

It’s all of those things and a one-stop shop of hyperactive, omnipresent, multi-dimensional information. Just think of Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth simultaneously channel-surfing on a dozen TV sets: in a stream of fast-paced filmettes, Skype interviews, automated voices and rolling text, Th_Rlty_Shw flicks from leg massage techniques in Tokyo, music mantras, street documentaries and naked adventures in a Helsinki sauna to behind-the-scenes fashion reportage, book recommendations, karaoke sing-offs and edible insects in Mexico City. If it sounds like a kaleidoscopic experience, that’s because it is.

And it instantly begged the question: what would happen if Tiffany turned The_Rlty_Shw’s restless eye-for-detail on to the women and wardrobes of Satan in High Heels? I had to find out…

“Hair, heels, boobs, a sharp dressed lesbian on a power trip. That’s enough to fuel the flames of hell and call out Satan herself! And it’s really all WE at @the_rlty_shw need in life, frankly. Ben turned us on to this gem of a B film and boy, did we find a celluloid soulmate. We zeroed in on the three principle femme universes and did a fashion and character breakdown for you. Real obsessive-like. The power of dressing cannot be underestimated. It’s connected to the rise and fall. It separates the winners and losers. The distance between heaven and hell is sometimes only the length of a stiletto. So, watch your step.”

The Reality Show Episodes

Instagramazine @th_rlty_shw is a collaborative content project currently in video form created for and seen on Instagram. It’s a fashiontainment that documents reality with style and soul. Based between Paris and Tokyo, Editor-in-Chief Tiffany Godoy is a journalist, TV show host, author and content consultant specialising in fashion, technology and innovative storytelling.