Last fall we asked you to come up with an ending for Andy Milligan’s unfinished 1978 post-Civil War opus House of Seven Belles. And did you ever deliver! We were so excited by your entries we decided to devote this entire month to sharing them with the world.

Peruse all fourteen entries and vote for your favorite via the red VOTE button at the top of each entry. Remember, you can only vote once. Voting ends June 30th.

Monkey Puppet will announce the winner on social media after voting ends.

The winner will receive a copy of THE GHASTLY ONE: THE 42nd STREET NETHERWORLD OF DIRECTOR ANDY MILLIGAN, the definitive biography presented in a beautifully designed, slipcased large-format limited edition presented by FAB Press/byNWR and produced by Nicolas Winding Refn. Details can be found on the prize page.

Good luck to all of our contributors!

PS. Yeah, we know there’s fourteen entries! Thirteen sounded better!!