Film director, painter, sculptor, set designer – Graeme Whifler wore many funny-shaped hats inside the mysterious warehouse at 444 Grove Street in San Francisco, California, home of the anonymous music and art collective known as The Residents. Given a seemingly bottomless amount of resources and free reign, he spent a feverish four-ish years behind the camera and behind the scenes in a kind of madman’s playground.

With this collection of images, byNWR presents a rare peek inside the walls of the Cryptic Corporation headquarters at the astonishing array of work Whifler and the Residents cranked out during this period, centering around the infamous unfinished film project, Vileness Fats (glimpsed here in color – a serious treat, since all surviving footage is on black and white videotape), as well as on-set imagery from three other classic Ralph Records promotional films of the era, Renaldo and the Loaf’s Songs for Swinging Larvae and the Residents’ Hello Skinny and One Minute Movies.

All photos courtesy Graeme Whifler