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RICK TREMBLES is a Montreal-based illustrator, post-underground cartoonist, writer, filmmaker, & musician. Two books of his Motion Picture Purgatories have been published by the UK’s FAB Press. He’s written for Fangoria & Rue Morgue Magazine & his comix have been published in internationally distributed books, periodicals & anthologies such as Russ Kick’s “The Graphic Canon,” Robert Crumb’s “Weirdo,” Darius James’ “That’s Blaxploitation,” Thomas Waugh’s “Montreal Main,” Fantagraphics Books’ “Pictopia,” Kier-la Janisse’s Spectacular Optical “Kid Power,” “Satanic Panic,” & “Yuletide Terror,” & France’s “Hospital Brut” for Le Dernier Cri. His award winning animated film Goopy Spasms has toured the festival circuit globally. He is currently animating a series of cartoon shorts called “Building 108.” He’s been a singer-guitarist for post-punk band The American Devices since 1980. The L.A. Times has called him “A famous free thinker,” The Guardian has called him “Genius,” & Robert Crumb has called him “Even more twisted & weird than me.” His Mini Motion Picture Purgatory illustrated column appears monthly at canuxploitation.com.

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