ANDY’S EYE By Jimmy McDonough

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One-man-band filmmaker Andy Milligan wrote, shot, photographed, costumed and edited his movies. Outside of a few of his later films Andy also photographed his own stills, giving them a very distinctive look. Here’s a collection of stills from House of Seven Belles, many of them never seen before. The usual Milligan trademarks lurk within, along with a few new ones – mannequin-like poses...hesitant heterosexual in period costume at each other’s throats...women in dusty old houses and empty cemeteries, staring into the void. Peruse Milligan’s stills for any length of time and you realize how singular and striking they usually are. These are no exception.

Jimmy McDonough

Jimmy McDonough is the author of The Ghastly One: The Life and Art of Andy Milligan, as well as biographies of Tammy Wynette, Al Green, Russ Meyer and Neil Young. Currently he is working on his years-in-the-making biography The Exotic Ones: Heaven, Hell and the Ormonds. He is Editor-In-Chief of

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